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Julie Mae and Elaine

Aria and Jane


We at Fleece Station™ are confident in the success of the American alpaca industry. Alpaca fleece has long been recognized by the apparel industry worldwide for its unique and desirable qualities. Alpaca’s potential for generating income as a wool bearing animal and a viable livestock enterprise has been recognized in the United States since the early 1800’s.

We continue in this tradition, breeding alpacas with an eye on the future. Our long term breeding objective is to produce alpacas maintaining 16 micron fleeces well into their years. We are confident this can be achieved in our lifetime. We leave 14 microns as the goal and challenge for our children.

We measure our success by the overall health of our herd and in year-to-year improvements of selected traits. We love the competition of the show ring and attend both regional shows and the AOBA National conference however; our breeding program focuses on a larger objective than the next blue ribbon. Steady improvement in fiber traits, consistency and balance in conformation and temperament, and a reliable fleece harvest, year after year, are just some of how we evaluate our accomplishments.

We also cherish the small successes, a beautiful healthy cria after a carefully determined breeding, a remarkable shear weight from an up and coming yearling, and the delight on a visitors face as they are greeted at the gate by one of our alpacas.

We take pleasure in all that alpaca ownership has added to our lives. We delight in the antics of the alpacas themselves. There is a sense of satisfaction in working with the beautiful yarns created from our own fleeces. One feels connected with the land when working with alpacas. You become a participant in the cycles inherent with owning alpacas, life and death, taking from the land and putting back, an intangible benefit of alpaca ownership.

We encourage you to bring alpaca into your life. Whether for profit or pleasure, we think you will agree alpacas are perfect fit for every lifestyle. Contact us today, we would love to share our experience and knowledge with you and introduce you to alpacas. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

About our pricing:
Let's face it, it's a buyers’ market and you, the buyer, dictate the price. We have priced our sales list to reflect what we think is a fair price for what these animals can contribute to your breeding program or your lifestyle. We understand that not everyone wants to be a breeder, some folks are fiber artists and love to harvest their own fleece and some folks just like alpacas. We have alpacas of all qualities with new alpacas available on a regular basis. If we don't have what you’re looking for, tell us what you want, chances are good we know where that "special alpaca" is. Don't like the price? No problem, make us an offer! On occasion we offer an alpaca for sale through the Openherd Auction. If it says "no reserve" we mean it!

All offers will be considered.
We accept cash, checks, credit cards.

We offer financing!

12 months same as cash with 10% down.

Luxurious fleece, gentle demeanors,
and easy to care for, alpacas are the
perfect complement to your lifestyle.
Let us match you with the perfect alpaca!


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